Monday, April 30, 2012


A few days ago Aaron and I watched this documentary.
I kind of wish I had never seen it. 
Then I could go on eating my beloved bacon and macaroni and cheese in peace. 
But when some one tells you that you might have cancer 
and you hear some pretty convincing research that links certain foods to cancer
you think twice about eating them. 

So the hubby and I are thinking of becoming vegans. was hard to even write that. 
I think I might be the most reluctant vegan ever. 
I'm pretty sure I could give up meat and not miss it (except bacon. I'll definitely miss that)
but Cheese is a whole nother story. 
And ice cream. 
And especially Yogurtland (actually I'm pretty sure I'll cheat for Yogurtland. Maybe like once a week). 

Tonight I made my first vegan meal (thanks to this recipe from the Pioneer Woman). 
And it was delicious. 
At least Aaron and I thought so. 
The kids were another story (even the baby wouldn't eat it!). 
But the kids did LOVE the vanilla almond milk I bought today. 

Anyways, I was hoping you guys might be able to help me out and give me some yummy (not totally weird) vegan recipes. Pretty please. I have no idea what I'm doing here! 


The Four on Board said...

good for you! I am interested to see the journey for your family. I know it will be way harder with kids...but also must make you feel so much better to get certain foods out of their diets. :)

The Journey of a single Mommy said...

hey! I am Baiiley, good friends with Kacie. We have met a few times. She told me your were going vegan! And i got soo excited and I had to comment! Ive been vegan for about two months and it is the best thing I ever did for my self. I havent eaten dairy for 6 months though so it was easy for me to just give up chicken since that all I ate. I really recommend you take baby steps or you will get so overwhelmed if you just dive right in. SoDelicous makes almond milk ice cream! and ice cream bars and everything you can think of! and also with coconut milk! Also Daiya cheese! is AMAZING!! your kids wont know the difference! I dont have any fancy recipes, I eat pretty boring and am still knew to this but I am not going back. I recommened you go to whole foods one day maybe kid free and just walk around they have an amazing selection of vegan things and ideas! is one of my favorite blogs once I get on my phone I can search for some more or my favroties for you!! good luck! its amazing! kacie knows how to get a hold of me if you have any questions!

Katie said...

I have an easy vegan meal that hopefully even the kids will like (mine do!). Its beans, rice and tofu. ;) Can of black beans (or equivalent dry), box of rice pilaf (near east brand) check for lower sodium., container of firm tofu. Follow directions for rice, add tofu when adding seasoning (cut into bite size pieces about 3/4 of container)...add beans at the end just to warm. Then check out punk kitchen)...delicious vegan recipes! Good luck...i hope i never have to do it for neccessity. ;) i love my dairy.

Anonymous said...

I made this soup last night. It was amazing! And if you subbed veggie broth for the chicken broth, it would be vegan!

You can do lots of curries and stir fry and other "ethnic" foods without meat or cheese or eggs.

And I second the baby-steps advice. Don't get overwhelmed and move toward vegan one step at a time!

Briar said...
This is a cool vegan dessert blog. She is also on Pinterest.

Hippo Brigade said...

a good book to read is crazy sexy diet by kris carr. She has cancer and chose to fight it with a vegan diet, no drugs, no chemo, just vegan. It's inspiring. She does have a lot of weird religious references, but I ignore those and just focus on her eating tips. It's a good starting place, she even gives you a 21 day vegan diet plan.
I've been eating (sorta) vegan for about a year now, and it's easy. I hardly eat fake meat, and i hate tofu, but instead eat lots beans, nuts, noodles, soups, veggies, and fruits.

You can do this!!

Lila Jo said...

How awesome for you! I think it is a much healthier way of eating! Seriously, start with baby steps. It is a shock to your body if you cut all the foods you are used to eating and introduce new ones all at once. Cutting out meat was easy for me, but the dairy has been a longer battle.
I love quinoa, and it can be made so many ways that are vegan! Also, the blog "Oh she glows" is another good source of vegan recipes.
Check out some vegan cookbooks from the library also! I live in rural idaho with a tiny library that didn't have any, so I ordered some from and amazon, and I wish I could have looked through some of them first before investing the money :(

Unknown said...

Trader Joe's has about the best price on almond milk I have seen yet.

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