Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday!
Here's a peek at our week through the camera lens of my trusty iPhone. 

Wesley's always the first one up in this house. 
This day he decided to give Madelyn a personal wake up call.

I finally found some foam dough at a garage sale of all places. 
It is officially the coolest stuff ever. 
Soooooo much better than play dough. 
So much. 

We hung out with some good friends and Mackenzie and their daughter decided to put on a little concert for us.

Wesley went for a ride in a police car. 
I told him they were going to take him to jail and it totally freaked him out.
Which was kind of my whole intention. 

Did I tell you that he pulled the fire alarm at our church a couple weekends ago. 
Oh yeah. 
Lights and sirens went off, people had to evacuate the building, the fire truck had to come...the whole shabang. 

She's getting to be so big! 
Her first time riding the merry go round all by herself.

my pretty little girl 

look at that strawberry in our garden!


look at those cute little teeth 

Just another reason I love Pinterest
Cool coloring sheets found here (via Pinterest). 

I made some fried chicken
super healthy of course :)

We got the NEW Jana Alayra DVD in the mail. 
And guess who is in it?

She was so excited to see herself and so many of her friends in it. 
So cool!

I was the helper for Mackenzie's preschool class this week. 
We worked on the letter "V" this week so we made paper bag vests and a volcano that erupted (have you ever done that with baking soda and vinegar...super fun!)

Potty training has been going!

We got some new pillows (from Target) to spice up the living room. 

And we had a family movie night.

Hope you had a great week!