Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wrinkle release

The wrinkle release button. 
The procrastinator in me loves it and hates it 
all at the same time. 

Because when the normal dryer buzzer goes off I think to myself
I don't haaave to get it right now. I can just wrinkle release it later.
And so I wait until I'm done doing whatever I'm doing 
or until I decide to stop being lazy 
and I press the wrinkle release button. 
And then the buzzer goes off and I think
I don't have to get it right now. I can just wrinkle release it {again!} later. 
And then the clothes (which have undoubtedly been wrinkle released several times) sit in my dryer for a whole week until the process starts over again.
It's bad.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves :) to do laundry.
And who has a major love/hate relationship with the wrinkle release option necessity.  


Ana B. said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one in the world with the same problem. :)
ya, I LovE laundry time.. :P

(woo hoo, you're back)

Cris Corrêa said...

Kristin, hi!!!
My name is Cristiane, I'm from Brazil, I just love your blog, and all things that you write...
I have a dryer (thanks GOD), because here in Brazil is not usual have a dryer, but when we use the clothes liner, we need to use the iron and is a lot of work, but now I have a dryer too...
God is so good! With a dryer I have much less work here with 2 kids!!
I love Jesus too...