Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm glad that's over!

Today was quite the day! 

It started off this morning when I found out that there was a communication mishap (between the surgery center and my doctor's office) and I wasn't on the schedule for any procedures today! 
Yeah I was freaking out when I heard that too. 
The thought of having to drink that awful stuff again was enough to make me want to throw up. 
Thankfully they were able to squeeze me in a little later today at a different surgery center 
otherwise I was getting ready to protest outside the doctors office.  

Once I was at the surgery center they had a really hard time starting an IV on me. 
After 5 tries they f.i.n.a.l.l.y. got it!
Of course that's when Aaron decided to take this picture of me. 
I was trying to look happy even though my arms/hands were killing me from all those pokes jabs. 

Then I had the procedure done. 
Apparently I have a super duper high tolerance to anesthesia because they gave me triple the normal dose of meds and was I was still awake and talking to them. 
I kept saying, "Can you give me a little more. Aren't I supposed to be out. Is it not working?"
Totally crazy. 

So the good news is they didn't find any tumors (at least in my colon, appendix, colon or large intestine)!! 
But they did find some other abnormal things and they took a bunch of biopsies of different things (don't ask me what it all was because I can not even tell you).
They also still want me to get a specialized (crazy!) Octreotide scan and to do some other procedures so they can check out my pancreas, small intestine, lungs, liver, etc. for tumors.

But in the meantime we are praising God for the little victories and good news! 
He is so good! 
Thanks for the support and love and prayers! 


Carole Powell said...

Have fun with your nuclear test. I had one once and it was kind of cool getting to watch the image of it going through my body. But it was kind freaky going through the door that warns there is nuclear testing going on.

Cris Corrêa said...

Hi, I know how is difficult be out of home, ina hospital, or a clinic, been investigated by doctors.
Did you already read the book of T.L.Osborne? or Pharmakeia of Anna Mendes Farrel? I recomend to you.
This books changed my mind about sickness, and teached me about the true power of Jesus sacrifice in that cross!
Best regards!!!!

Briar said...

So glad you didn't have to drink that stuff again!!!