Friday, December 31, 2010

My snapshot in time

Can anyone else NOT believe 2010 is almost over?!
It flew by for me!

I wrote this guest blog a month or so ago for Julie at Joys Hope but I thought it would be a fitting time to repost it here in case you missed it.

Some days I feel like my life needs
an easy button
(definitely would have been nice when I was trying to clean up this, this or this).
a rewind button
(for those times you said or did something you wish you could take back).
or a fast forward button
(ever waited for 3 hours in a line at the dreaded DMV with 2 hungry kids. Bad news.).

But right now more than anything my life needs a
slow down button.
My babies are getting too big too fast.
In the past couples months Wesley has gone from a baby to a rambunctious little boy
and Mackenzie has gone from a toddler to a little lady.

Since I haven't come up with a real life slow down button
I thought I'd make my own virtual time capsule.
My snapshot in time.
The things I want to remember about this time in my life
Here goes...

Mackenzie and Wesley have a special bond.
A unique love/

hate relationship.
Luckily most days it's more love than hate.

Mackenzie's love for all things girly.
If she had it her way she would wear a dress every day.

My little lion.
Wesley "roars" at us all day long and thinks it's the funniest thing ever.
It's pretty darn cute.

My silly, lip gloss loving girl.
She makes me laugh at least once a minute.

Family days at Disneyland.
The kids favorite rides are Dumbo, the Carousel and It's a small world.
And of course seeing all the characters.

Mackenzie's favorite hang out spot is behind the cushions of our couch.
It's also her favorite place to hide toys from a certain little boy.

Living next door and sharing life with our good friends, The Weeks.

This adorable pouty face.
Look at that lip..have you ever seen anything more pitiful.

Never being able to get enough of God's life giving Word, The Bible.

Mackenzie's love for her baby dolls.
She always has one (or 5) with her.

Wesley's love for balls.

And anything dangerous.
He's such a boy.

Mackenzie's sweet, energetic, caring heart.
She's such a good friend and big sister.
And she's pretty much always happy.
Except when she gets hurt.
Which is at least 5 times a day.
She's super clumsy.
I have no idea where she gets that from :)

Wesley is such a momma's boy.
He loves to be held and cuddled.

Our adventures in gardening.
It didn't exactly go as we planned but we sure learned a lot.

Praying about what the future holds...staying here or going somewhere else.
Concentrating on being the people God has called us to be no matter where we are.

God's grace and provision for our family.
He is so so good.

The delicate balance between work and play,
being a mom and a business owner,
and not setting unhealthy expectations for myself.
The Lord's been teaching me a lot about keeping first things first
and living for heavenly things instead of earthly ones.

Hope you enjoyed a little snapshot into my life!
What are some things you want to remember about this season in your life or 2010?


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a great post. I loved all the pictures

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